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Hurricane Irma - 2017

The page,, includes information and news summarizing the response by Amateur Radio (ham radio) volunteers for Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

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Information Resources

National Hurricane Center

The Hurricane Watch Net

VoIP Hurricane Net

active Red Cross Shelters

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Red Cross Safe and Well

ARRL NEWS ( for the latest news)

09/12/2017 | Hurricane Irma Extensively Damages International Broadcast Station in Florida

09/12/2017 | In Irma’s Wake, Palm Beach County ARES Cancels Meeting, Advises on Florida 211

09/12/2017 | Moderate Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued

09/12/2017 | Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net Requests Clear Frequencies

09/11/2017 | Amateur Radio Volunteer Response Continues to Historic Hurricane Irma

09/08/2017 | Hurricane Irma Amateur Radio Emergency and Priority Traffic is Moving; Health & Welfare Traffic Queued For Later Delivery

09/08/2017 | Space Weather Prediction Center Says Solar Phenomena May Continue

09/08/2017 | Operating Procedures During Hurricane Irma

09/08/2017 | ARRL Establishes Hurricane Irma Hotline for ARRL Section Leadership

09/08/2017 | VoIP Hurricane Net to Activate

09/07/2017 | ARES Teams in Three West Central Florida Section Counties Ready to Support Shelters

09/07/2017 | Solar Flares Spark Radio Blackouts, Auroral Displays Possible

09/06/2017 | Hurricane Watch Net Now Watching Three Atlantic Basin Hurricanes

09/06/2017 | Space Weather Prediction Center Upgrades Geomagnetic Storm Watch to G3 (Strong)

09/05/2017 | Amateur Radio Preparations Ramp Up as Irma Strengthens to Category 5

09/05/2017 | FEMA Announces Regions that Could Activate on 60-Meters for Hurricane Irma

09/04/2017 | Hurricane Watch Net to Activate for Hurricane Irma

09/04/2017 | Some Amateur Radio Preparations Under Way for Hurricane Irma


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